Thursday 27th April 2017

Arco Dee returns to Appledore after several years.

Suction dredger ARCO DEE sister ship to the ARCO DART is replenishing Hanson's wharf at Appledore over these spring tides.

She has completed one cargo last evening, another tonight and two more are planned for Friday evening and Saturday evening tides.

The Arco Dee normally operates on the south coast of England , mainly Shoreham and Southampton but has been tasked to help out her sister ship which is mainly busy carrying sand into Bridgwater for the nuclear power station project.

She has requested a pilot for these trips, since there are no pilot exemption holders aboard at present.

Bideford has a new Harbour Master, Capt Paul Labistour since the retirement from the position of Capt. Roger Hoad, who is continuing as pilot until a replacement is found.