Friday 10th March 2017


mv FEHN CALEDONIA sailed from Bideford Harbour at 1605 hrs today with a draught of 4.12 m aft and 4.05m ford.

The tide made prediction and she passed over or around the recently problematic river sandbanks without issue.

Her Russian master and multinational crew enjoyed their visit to Bideford especially being in the centre of the attractive town, which normally doesnot happen in other ports. The Captain shopped for his grandchildren as he is due to go on leave after a few weeks having completed 4 months aboard. He will stay at home in Northern Russia for 4 months before returning to sea. He says ratings aboard stay for 6 months before having leave.

The ship loaded 2,350 tonnes of ball clay for Castellon in Mediterranean Spain. The ship is ideal for Bideford with her moderate draught and also for her handling characteristics.

The voyage will take 8 days, and the Master does not yet know where the next cargo will be from. The ship is registered in Antigua and Barbuda, and is owned I believe by a German company.