Update on Fin Whale washed up near Hartland Quay

Dead Fin Whale Hartland

Richard Haste - Service Manager for Waste and Recycling said:

"Yesterday the Council received reports of a dead whale washed up near Hartland Quay and have today carried out further investigation of the situation. The UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP) have confirmed that the species is that of a fin whale over 10 metres in length. Following high tides yesterday the carcass has moved further up the beach but access is still problematic.

The Council will be erecting signs on access points to the beach warning the public to keep at least 10 metres from the carcass. While there is no direct risk to the public from this distance there is a bio hazard risk from direct contact with the carcass or any remnants. Dog owners are also being advised to keep their pets on leads.

High tides are expected over the next 3-4 days and the Council will monitor the situation to see if the carcass is taken out to sea by the tides where it is expected to decompose naturally or can be dealt with more easily. A further strategic review will be conducted on Monday or Tuesday next week or as dictated by the ongoing monitoring. The Marine and Coastguard Agency have been advised of the Council's plans and have indicated that they may be able to provide further assistance if required"

10 March 2017