Tuesday 7th March 2017

FEHN CALEDONIA arrives off port.

mv FEHN CALEDONIA arrived off the port at 1000hrs from Avonmouth.

She was boarded by Pilot R. Hoad from the Bideford Pilot boat Two Rivers II crewed by John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman between the Bar and Fairway buoys. There was a moderate to heavy swell left over from recent gales, but with light to moderate winds.

The ship had a very light draught with her ballast pumped out of just 2.3 metres aft. enabling her to arrive at Bideford at the lowest of this set of neap tides.  Despite her light condition she steered well in the river with her unusual arrangement of tunnel propeller and twin rudders. Her Russian Captain said that Dutch river barges have a similar arrangement

Turning round with her twin rudders was acheived in her own length off the quay at Bideford, without the need of the bow thruster.

She is nearly 88 metres long with a relatively narrow beam of 11.41 metres and will load 2,350 tons of Ball Clay from Petersmarland Quarry over two days by TDC crane (Michael Pryer) and should have a loaded draught of 4.1 metres.

Fehn Caledonia March17 Bridgeview