Inspection results in closure of Bideford Skateboard Park

Old Skate park

Following an inspection by engineers, access to Bideford Skateboard Park has been closed from Tuesday 28th February. The inspection found defects in the structure, which unfortunately has required the Council to take immediate action. The current park has served the community well for over 17 years and ironically a consultation was already being held to help draw up plans for a new park to be implemented in 2018/19.

However with the help of contractors the Council now plan to provide a temporary installation, on the same site, which will then be incorporated into the new scheme. It is hoped that the park will only be closed for a short period while the old equipment is removed and a new temporary equipment layout is installed.

Longer term plans for the park will be designed around the numerous responses from young people received during the consultation and call for ideas currently being undertaken. This will see the implementation of a new £150k state of the art facility, secured from housing development in the area, and will include the re-use of the equipment being installed now to meet the short term needs of users.

Lead Member for Community, Culture and Leisure Councillor Phil Pennington said: "We are disappointed that we have had to move quickly to close the park at short notice, but the safety of its many users is quite rightly of paramount concern to us. Our officers have taken a proactive approach to the problem  to try and ensure an interim solution can provide at least some facilities on the site rather than simply closing the park altogether. We will eventually be making a substantial investment in a new state of the art park going forward and hopefully one that will be enjoyed by future generations for many years to come. In the meantime we will be working to minimise the disruption as far as possible"

2 March 2017