Help I have a pest problem (mice, rats, wasps)

Torridge District Council does not have a legal duty to provide a pest control service to domestic premises and is unable to provide such a service currently. Customers requiring a treatment are recommended to contact a private pest control company, as they should be licensed to use more effective treatments than those available in hardware stores, DIY stores, etc.

Contact details can be found in the telephone listings, the local Press or online.  If you do use do-it-yourself treatments, instructions need to be strictly followed.

Both local authorities and individuals have duties relating to pests on land.  The law requires occupiers of land including property, to rid their land of any substantial infestations of rats or mice.  It is recommended that wasp treatments are only carried out by professionals as wasps can be very aggressive.

Torridge District Council can investigate:

  • pests arising from neighbouring land or property

  • public health issues - e.g.:  pests in a shop, restaurant or workplace


More information on mice can be found here.

To report issues arising from neighbouring land or property contact the Environmental Protection Team at environmental.protection@torridge.gov.uk