I've found a stray dog - what do I do?

If you have collected a stray from outside of the district you should contact the authority where you found the dog, it is not a TDC stray. Do you know who the dog belongs to? Can you take it back to their owner? If you can, that would be appreciated. We're happy to contact the owner afterwards to let them know about the law about straying.

We cannot deal with roaming strays - the dog has to be contained for collection.

If you have found a stray dog during office hours, please contact Environmental Health on 01237 428700.  If an officer is available, we will arrange to collect it from you.  If the Council is unable to arrange a collection on the same day, finders will be requested to hold on to the dog until collection can be arranged.

For dogs found in Torridge overnight or at weekends, the finder should telephone the out-of-hours Standby Officer, who will record details of the dog in case the owner contacts us. To contact the Standby Officer outside normal opening times, ring 01237 428700 and wait for the emergency contact information.  There is no collection or delivery service overnight or at weekends.