Wednesday 25th January 2017

Survey vessel SEVERN SEA at Bideford.

mv SEVERN SEA arrived at Bideford Bank End moorings on Tuesday afternoon tide, where she has a permanent berth for when she is in the area.

She has been working off CARDIFF doing water sampling, and will stay in Bideford for a few days before moving on to her next job.

She is a survey vessel, and is registered in Bideford belonging to Keynvor Morlift.

Arklow Relove at Yelland NormHardakerJan17Yellquaystern
mv ARKLOW RESOLVE at Yelland Quay arrived Fri 13th January
SEVERN SEA 2016 at Taw Torridge estuary
Severn Sea last year in the Taw /Torridge estuary.

mv ARKLOW RESOLVE at YELLAND QUAY on Friday 14th January, taken by Norman Hardaker. She discharged a record cargo of nearly 4,700 tonnes of granite chippings from GLENSANDA, Scotland, after a rough trip.