Wednesday 23rd March 2016

rms LAAR sails from Bideford.

rms LAAR sailed this morning at 0530 hrs from BIDEFORD QUAY for NAANTALI, FINLAND.

Her passage time will be 7 days, via the KIEL CANAL,  her Captain reports that the ship will have a 5 hour Pilotage for the passage to Naantali through the rocky islands.

Her draft was 3.8m forward and 3.9 metres aft.

TDC crane driver Mike Pryer and Evans transport shovel driver had a long day loading the Ball Clay yesterday, starting at 0600 and finishing at 1930 hrs.., together with Ways transport lorries. Total cargo loaded was 1,800 tonnes.

Laar at low tide
.Laar sail
rms LAAR at sea