Thursday 3rd March 2016

mv ABERDEEN for Bideford

mv ABERDEEN is due at BIDEFORD ex SHARPNESS. She will berth on the first available tide dependant on her draft likely to be Saturday pm tide (1504 hrs.).

Loading will commence on Monday morning. She willl load some 2,960 tonnes of Ball clay in two different grades.

Babcock Appledore Shipbuilders AS196 newbuild for the Irish Naval service will be floated out on Wednesday evenings tide (1814 hrs) to the accompaniament of a band and dignitaries from Ireland and the UK. TDC Pilots will be conning the unpowered ship from the yard to the fitting out berth at the Middle Yard.

View from the bridge as Aberdeen sails from Yelland follwed by ms OLDENBURG last April.