Friday 26th February 2016

Welsh Piper comes to Yelland

Welsh piperNormFeb16
Welsh Piper returns to sea on the falling tide. Norman Hardacre.

mv WELSH PIPER arrived just before dawn this morning to deliver her cargo of sand to YELLAND QUAY which was sent ashore by her discharge system consisting of drag lines , buckets and a a fast conveyor belt to shore.

Notts Contractors loaded the sand onto lorries and a tractor trailer to their storage yard nearby. The ship lands cargo faster than the lorries can be loaded, so after her 1.5 hour discharge she sailed leaving some half a cargo (Full cargo 1300 tonnes approx.) on the jetty to be taken to storage, the lorries having already removed half her cargo.

The Liverpudlian Captain said that her next cargo will be to Pembroke Dock within Milford Haven and will be loaded, as normal at the Culver Bank in the Bristol Channel.

Pilot today was Roger Hoad, with Jason Mugford (trainee Pilot exemption Capt of the Oldenburg) and Thom Flaxman as coxwain and  with Dave Mannering as Pilot boat crew.

Weather conditions were excellent with calm sea and light winds.