Sunday 13th December 2015

mv VITA arrives at YELLAND QUAY.

mv VITA a 2,497 Gross Tonne ship, carrying nearly 4,000 tonnes of stone from GLENSANDA for NOTTS Contractors of YELLAND, for the building trade, berthed at 1915 hrs tonight.

Her Captain said that the crew were a mixture of Russian, Ukranian and Latvian nationals, and the ship was owned by a Latvian company.

He has no orders at present as to his next port of call , but may hear tomorrow. The ship had a variable pitch controlled propellor snd steered quite well. She had a bow thruster, and visibility from the bridge was good.

Weather conditions were excellent with light south easterly wind, after last nights strong winds. Sea conditions were calm with a moderate swell and clear visibility.

The Captain reports a quick load at GLENSANDA with tricky berthing conditions with wind, and he waited till daylight to finally berth.

He had a rough trip down the Irish sea with much rolling and pitching he said. THe ship will discharge tomorrow and sail on the evening tide at approx 1915 hrs.

Pilot R Hoad, Boat crew J. Pavitt and T. Flaxman.