Tuesday 27th october 2015

Sail assisted ship Telamon arrived Bideford Yesterday afternoon, loading today and tomorrow and sailing Wednesday pm tide. Arsnal 1 due for Yelland.

mv TELAMON arrived at Bideford Quay at 1630 hrs.

At sea The wind was fresh southerly and the sea moderate. The Pilot Roger Hoad had a wet arrival aboard though.

The Polish Captain had mixed Officers and crew of Russian, Ukranian and Polish nationalities.

The ship which lowered her mast to get under the Torridge Bridge was very manoevrable with her variable pitch propeller, bow thruster and flap rudder. She was high sided however and subject to wind effect with her relatively shallow draught.

The ship is significant in that she is equipped with a tethered kite type of sail, which was under development. The Captain reported that it was successful in the trials stage, and saved fuel for the voyages during tests. The large sail was deployed on a 250 metre tether in suitable conditions at sea.

Rain has delayed loading today, so the ship lost 3.75 hours this morning, but the clay company (Sibelco) at Peters Marland worked on loading lorries for an extra hour this evening.

The ship could sail on Wednesday evenings tide, subject to loading and transport conditions.

Arsnal 1 is due for YELLAND on tomorrows (WEdnesday) early evening tide with Stone from Glensanda.