Friday 16th October 2015

Arco Dart and Welsh Piper visits.

mv Arco Dart had requested a Pilot yesterday for the second time this week for her visit to Bidna, Appledore.

Capt Keith Stevens was her Pilot on behalf of TDC with John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman delivering him safely to board the ship, and 3 hours later to collect him from the ship as she returned to sea having discharged her 1300 tonnes of sand.

mv WELSH PIPER also requested a Pilot for her visit this morning and she was off the port ready for the Pilot to board at 0630 hrs. her pilot was Roger Hoad, who was taken to the ship by John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman.

She discharged her 1300 tonnes of sand onto Notts Jetty at Yelland Quay, where it was loaded onto lorries and taken to their adjacent yard.

The ship then returned to sea on the falling tide some 1.5 hours after high Water with a ballast draught of 3.6 metres aft. Her Captain and cook are from liverpool with 2 deck crew from Poland, and the remainder British. The ship had a company health and safety officer aboard.

She proceeded towards the dredging ground near the Holm Islands and will then head for Cardiff where she will stay for 24 hours.

The Captain reports that demand for sand is quite low at the moment in the Bristol Channel ports.

Tom Flaxman's photo of the Welsh Piper on a previous visit.