Friday 7th August 2015

Ex fleet tender Elkstone arrives at Bideford Quay. mv BALMORAL to arrive on the 26th August.

Ex Fleet Tender ELKSTONE has arrived at BIDEFORD Quay after being purchased by her owners. She will moor at Bank End and continue her preparation for seagoing.

The owners who have previously successfully renovated vessels will then continue their voyages around the coast.

She was purchased from MILFORD HAVEN and made the trip over two days stopping for the night at LUNDY ISLAND.

mv BALMORAL willarrive to land passengers at BIDEFORD QUAY from ILFRACOMBE on Wednesday 26th August at approx 1515 hrs. She will depart at approx 1615 hrs to return to IlFRACOMBE. Tickets are on sale at The Lundy Offices.

mv OLdenburg called in today at Bideford to load cargo before returning to Ilfracombe.

Where she was recently involved in a tragic accident concerning one of her off duty linehandlers.

Her crew are to be commended in their efforts to save the victim. A full Marine Accident Investigation Branch investigation is underway, and a full report will be published and available to the seafaring public.

Welsh Piper is in drydock in the North East of the country.

A stone cargo is expected in September at Yelland.


Arco Dart July12
Arco Dart on one of her regular calls at Appledore