Friday 5th June 2015

Welsh Piper discharges at Yelland. James Joyce latest. Stone ship dates. Bideford clay ship dates.

The suction dregder mv WELSH PIPER arrived off the Fairway buoy in good time for the tide to proceed to Yelland to discharge her sand cargo last evening.

The Pilot boat crew with Pilot left Bideford Quay at 1730 hrs on Thursday, and proceeded to sea meeting the mv WELSH PIPER at 1830 when there was sufficient water to enter the river TAW. her draught was 4.1 metres.

Her Captain was new to the ship and the estuary. Boarding was relatively easy with a low to moderate swell still apparent. We proceeded to Yelland with a strong flood tideand and berthed  at 1914 hours  one hour before high water, when cargo discharge commenced via the ships draglines, hopper and fast conveyor belt to shore.

The operation went very smoothly, with a couple of shifts to make new sand piles, as the consignee, Notts Contractos workforce proceeded to load lorries to move the sand with their swing shovel.

The ship's discharge is fast - too fast for the shovel and lorries to keep pace, and at 2115 the cargo hold was cleaned of all its sand cargo. the ship commenced ballasting operations, filling her cargo hold (tank) with river water and we sailed at 2130. The ship was clear of the estuary by 2200 and the Pilot disembarked and returned to Bideford by 2235 hrs. (Pilot Roger Hoad, i/c Pilot boat was Thom Flaxman and crew Keith Stevens ex Master of Arco Dart.)

Pike Ward Shipping agents have advised that a stone carrying ship will be due for the end of this month/ early July for Yelland Quay and a ship is stemmed for BIDEFORD Quay to load Ball Clay for CASTELLON in Spain in late July.

Babcock International have ordered a Pilot for the early morning tide on Tuesday 16th June next for the sailing on final trials of the Le JAMES JOYCE.

Her propellor issues have been remedied by the suppliers and some outstanding generator spares have arrived say the yard.

She will have a short trial and all being well will sail to Ireland.

Welsh Piper ballstingjune15
Welsh Piper loads water ballast after discharge at Yelland.
Pilot boat Two Rivers II boarding her crew after letting the ship go from the wharf