Friday 15th May 2015

Frisium sails.

Frisium departs Bideford Quay bound Rotterdam (Bendorf) N. Hardaker
Norman's photo of Frisium during loading.

mv FRISIUM has sailed from Bideford Quay at 1610 hrs for Bendorf, Rotterdam with a 1,700 tonne load of Ball Clay from the local pit at Petersmarland.

Her draught was just 3.4m aft and 3.2m forward, and she required little trimming by Mike Pryer the crane driver just to correct the port list. She came afloat early at about 1.5 hrs before high water on these moderate spring tides.

The Dutch Captain says that she is due for drydock, but took the opportunity to repaint her draught marks when the tide was out the river bed being firm sand at present. He also said that he had instructions to proceed at maximum speed for the discharge port, possibly to pick up another cargo.

He has done several wheat pellet cargoes to Ireland recently.

Pilot boat crew were John Pavitt & Thom Flaxman Pilot R. Hoad.

It is probable that the Welsh Piper will arrive at Yelland Quay next week, but nothing else is expected until early June.