Thursday 14th May 2015

Frisium loading at Bideford.

mv FRISIUM Dutch owned vessel arrived yesterday afternoon. Her Captain was Dutch her Chief Officer was Russian and her 4 crew were Phillipinos.

She had discharged wheat pellets at WARRENPOINT and will load 1700 tonnes of Ball Clay for BENDORF.

It was hoped that she would complete today, but continuous rain halted loading because of possible damage to the very valuable clay until 1230. Cargo will therefore be completed tomorrow  and the ship should be ready for the afternoon tide sailing at 1600 hrs.

Unusually some 300 tonnes of Ball clay was brought from South Devon to the ship. There are two grades of clay.

Frisium swingMay15
Frisium swings in the river at Bideford. Photo by Michael Pryer.
.. FrisiumoffquaymikePMay15
Frsium approches berth with Pilot R. Hoad and Dutch Captain Photo M. Pryer