Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Roseburg sails with logs.

Roseburg lashingApr15 RH
mv Roseburg's crew finish lashing the deck cargo at Yelland Quay.

mv ROSEBURG sailed at 2050 hrs today with approx 2100 tonnes of logs for WISMAR in the GERMAN BALTIC SEA.

She will sail through the KIEL CANAL with an arrival date of next Monday.

The RUSSIAN crew have just two watchkeeping officers who generally work 6 hours on watch, with 6 hours off watch when at sea 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The ship is well kept, Russian owned, and often brings sawn timber mainly to the UK East coast and Thames at Tilbury. It is quite unusual for her to come to the West Coast says her Master, though her Captain was aboard when she first came to Bideford in 2011 to load logs.

Her stability was excellent with hardly a heel as we altered course round the several buoys on the way to sea. As we sailed at dusk, the JST crane having secured itself to the tractor lorry cab and dolly, drove off to its next job. The draught surveyor - who determines the weight of cargo loaded by draught readings and calculations returned to his base at Plymouth, the agent from Pike Ward having also returned to Teignmouth. And the log lorries who bring the logs from the storage area to the jetty had returned to their bases.

Some logs remain at Yelland, and it is hoped that further shipments will be made in the near future. Pilot boat crew were John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman, Pilot Roger Hoad.

Boat Stories Jo and Matt the cameraman were filming throughout and will produce a five minute film by next October.