Tuesday 21st April 2015

Roseburg arrives photo. Boat stories photo.

mv ROSEBURG has arrived at YELLAND QUAY on the 2051 high water, in still calm conditions and at dusk.

He Russian crew had left NEWPORT earlier in the day where they had delivered half a shipload of sawn timber from the Baltic. The first part load was landed at SHOREHAM in SUSSEX.

The ship was very responsive on the rudder, had a powerfull bow thruster and an efficient flap rudder that effectively gave 55 or so degrees of helm, meaning that the ship could be manoevred sideways onto the berth.

Her crew were in good spirits, pleasant and friendly. The Master had been on board for 2 months, half of his term of employment for this trip.

The ship will load logs in the hold and on deck, and will sail with a draught of about 5 metres at 2045 hrs tomorrow evening.

Boat stories Jo & cameraman Matt filming the Pilot boat crew.

Jo from boat stories and Matt the camera man were filming tonight for the series of nautical films funded by FLAG, the fishing related European grant organisation. Jo has produced a series of films viewable on Youtube (search under 'boat stories') of local nautical activities.


Roseburg Braunton Burrows Norm Apr15
Norman Hardaker's photo of Roseburg passing Braunton Burrows tonight.
...Roseburg frmbeach Norm Apr15
Roseburg from the beach near Instow tonight Norman H.