Audio Trail

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update 14/05/20: Vehicular gates will reopen from Friday 15th May with the exception of Westward Ho! gate, which will remain closed due to damage to the road surface that occurred during the winter. While the road leading from the gate is being resurfaced there will be limited parking available. The Council would ask visitors to bear this in mind and leave adequate space for social distancing when parking cars. A resumption of charging for entry will commence following staff recruitment to support gate control, activities and advising public on the safe use of facilities.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update 13/05/20: Since the Government's announcement on the easement of movements in the last few days we have understandably received an extremely high number of enquiries regarding the opening of the vehicle gates to Northam Burrows. While some people have requested that we open the gates to allow people to drive to the park for exercise, others have expressed concerns that it will lead to an influx of visitors from outside of the area and increase the risk of spreading coronavirus from the very low levels we have fortunately experienced in the South West.

The Council is currently considering what steps to take next and how to ensure that any changes that occur can be supported by officer deployment, appropriate signage etc as the Government have advised that social distancing is still a paramount consideration. At our location beach safety is also another concern as the RNLI have currently suspended their patrols and there is no lifeguard or first aid cover.

The Council were not previously aware of the content of the Government's announcements at the weekend and so were not able to review all of this ahead of time. We are working hard to ensure all of the issues highlighted above are addressed as quickly as possible and will make a further announcement by Thursday 14th of May.

As soon as a decision is made we will provide an update via our website at www.torridge.gov.uk/northamburrows. Regrettably until we are able to address all of the operational issues the vehicle gates will need to remain locked and we would ask for your patience and understanding in the interim.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update 27/3/20: Working with Devon and Cornwall Police Torridge District Council have made the decision to close the vehicle gates to Northam Burrows Country Park from this evening until further notice. Please do not try to drive to the park for exercise, this should be carried out from your place of residence in accordance with guidelines on social distancing. The pedestrian gates will remain open. 

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update 25/3/20: Following the announcement on Monday night parks and open spaces can remain open for exercise, as long as guidance on social distancing is followed. Therefore Northam Burrows is currently still open to the public. Please observe a 2 meter distance from other visitors at all times.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update 19/3/20: In line with government advice on social distancing we have sadly had to cancel all our planned public engagement events, including group bookings, until the end of April 2020. We may need to extend this period, which will be reviewed as the situation develops. We hope to run more nature based activities very soon, but will follow government guidance and make public health the top priority.

Use your SmartPhones on our Audio Trail throughout the Park.

We have created an Audio Trail throughout the Park that you can access using your SmartPhones. You'll see a number of QR codes located around - scan them with your phone and you will be able to listen to some information on the Burrows and the actual site you're standing on. You can also have a listen by clicking on the files below.

In case you haven't seen them before, this is an example of a QR code: Grey Sand 
If you scan it with your SmartPhone it should open up the Grey Sand Hill audio file for you to listen to.

The Northam Burrows is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is about 253 hectares of grassy coastal plain with salt marsh, sand dunes and generally unimproved grasslands.

The Burrows  provides one of the access points for the two miles of Westward Ho! Beach, thus combining the best of opportunities for land and marine leisure activities. The main ramped access point to the beach is available from the town of Westward Ho!

The Park is open  to pedestrians at all times but there are restrictions on vehicles. The Burrows Centre is open from the end of May to early September and the toilet facilities from Easter to the end of October.