Thursday 9th April 2015

Website now operational again. Welsh piper has been, Kaie and Aberdeen also to Yelland.Fog. and James Joyce.

Since the tug STRATHDON sailed on Saturday with her large 90 metre barge and cargo of huge steel sections for the second aircraft carrier project in Rosyth, movements on the rivers have focussed on YELLAND QUAY.

With mv WELSH PIPER arriving last Monday morning at first light with some 1,200 tons of building/general purpose sand from the CULVER dredging gounds in the Bristol Channel near the Holm Islands.

She self unloaded her cargo and returned to sea under TDC Pilotage, in calm conditions.

Two stone carrying ships were due over the Easter weekend, but in the event the ABERDEEN was delayed at GARSTON, LIVERPOOL spending two days idle over the holiday period, and unloading during one day making her late for her arrival at YELLAND.

mv KAIE which was due after the ABERDEEN therefore came forward and after discharging her part cargo at SWANSEA completed the remainder at AYR (fertilser from the BALTIC) before loading at GLENSANDA for YELLAND with 4012 tonnes of cargo. Her draught was 5.6 metres (app 18.5 feet). The tide had cut by some 40 cms due to the high pressure.

Unfortunately on her arrival and at high water dense fog came to the estuary, and she was unable to be piloted to her berth. She returned to anchor and was joined in the early ghours by the ABERDEEN. KAIE was brought in on Wednesday morning, and her cargo was discharged by JST Crane and NOTTS contracted lorries to NOTTS storage area throughout the day finishing at about 1900 hrs.

At 2015 she was Piloted back to sea, and her Russian /Ukrainaian crew of 8 headed for ANTERP to load cargo for the BALTIC. Meanwhile TDC relief pilot Paul Gyurgyak brought the ABERDEEN onto the berth cvacated by the KAIE and was all fast by 2140 and discharge commenced soon after 2200 hrs.

ABERDEEN then sailed at 0900 hrs this morning for BRITON FERRY, to load a part cargo (2,000 + tonnes) of steel coils for ROUEN, river Seine.

So the jetty had a busy 24 hours, and working through the night the ship was discharged (3500 tonnes approx) by 0630 hours.

Notts employees, JST crane drivers, and the sub contracted lorry drivers all worked long hours to acheive the quick turnaround at YELLAND.

Pilot boat crew were John Pavitt, Thom Flaxman, Keith Stevens and Pilot Roger Hoad, and Paul Gyurgyak.

The next vessel at YELLAND will be the ROSEBURG to load logs between the 16th - 21st of April at Yelland.

Babcock Appledore say that the JAMES JOYCE will sail from APPLEDORE on the next set of Spring tides. Appledore have completed the ship, but the sub contracted propellor suppliers are continuing to remedy the 'singing' propellor issues.

At BIDEFORD we have the Trinity House contracted tender MAIR recently returned from North Wales and here to replace the light on the outfall beacon in the harbour, and to paint South West Water outfall beacons above Bideford Longbridge and also at Barnstaple. She will soon go to Milford Mustang shipyard for docking, before returning to do survey work on Bideford Bar.

Aberdeen outbound from Yelland. Norman Hardaker
mv KAIE approaches jetty at Yelaland phot Norman Hardaker
ms Oldenburg follows mv ABERDEEN to sea