Friday 13th February 2015

Le James Joyce sailing date. Tug & Barge dates at Appledore. Stone & log ships due.

Le JAMES JOYCE has requested a TDC Pilot for her to sail on Thursday March 5th early (0546) tide for extensive sea trials.

It is likely that she will return on several occasions during the trial period, before finally sailing to take up duties with the Irish Navy.

A tug called the STRATHDON (ex KEVERNE) will tow a 300 foot x 90 foot barge from Norway to Appledore, and TDC Pilot has attended meetings at the shipyard to plan the arrival - which will be on Tuesday 24th March on the 0829 hrs tide. Also the loading of the barge within the large covered Babcock yard with the bow section units, and the departure to Middle Dock Bidna where the barge will be prepared for sea for her voyage to ROSYTH..

She will finally sail on Thursday 2nd April or Friday 3rd April again with the same tug. Smaller tugs from WILLIAMS SHIPPING will assist also.

A previous barge visit - VIKINGBARGE.

A stone carrying ship is being sought after to load at GLENSANDA and deliver a cargo to YELLAND later on next week.

A log ship is expected during March - the log storage pile at YELLAND is quite large now.

A ship to load Ball Clay at BIDEFORD is due for the late March tides.