Friday 20th February 2015

Ships expected, in March.

A ship to bring stone from GLENSANDA to YELLAND will now be expected in a couple of weeks time, agents advise.

LE James Joyce is still set to sail on the 5th March for trials for about 5 days then ultimately to sail away to her owners (The Irish Navy) on Wednesday 18th March at 1645 hrs. watched by the men that built her.

A clay ship is due for BIDEFORD soon after the 14th March to load PETERSMARLAND ball clay for CASTELLON in SPAIN.

Tracy Coulam a teacher at HOLYWELL primary school Tawstock is hoping to bring a party of school children to watch the ship loading the valuable ball clay at Bideford Quay and to visit the BURTON ART GALLERY and MUSEUM to view the locally made pots.

This is for a project that she is undertaking on the usage of local clay.

Log stocks at YELLAND are nearly ready for the expected log ship arrival in mid to late March.

An earlier clay ship visit to BIDEFORD by Norman Hardaker.