Monday 9th March 2015

le James Joyce arrives back at Babcock Appledore shipyard.

james joyce bridge team
le JAMES JOYCE The bridge team for the trials.

le JAMES JOYCE has returned to APPLEDORE middle dock after successful sea trials off the North Devon Coast.

TDC Pilotage service conducted the ship in tonight at dusk, turning the ship off the covered shipyard approach channel in the dark, before berthing her alongside her fitting out berth.

Pilot Roger Hoad was aboard the James Joyce with John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman on the Pilot boat.

Trials Captain Jerry Waller can be seen in the photo (right hand side of photo) with his bridge team who are all Irish Naval officers. They can be seen wearing Lundy Island sweaters (from Jerry).

The ship handles superbly, even in the shallow water of these decreasing tidal heights, with powerful bow thruster and twin screws and rudders.

A full crew of the Irish Navy was aboard (55 men and women) and will soon take over the vessel to sail home to Ireland.

She has two large and powerful rigid inflatable boats aboard used for enforcement purposes, with a third reportedly being used at present in the making of a James Bond Film.

The shipyard tug the LUNDY PUFFIN, which has been at sea with the James Joyce since she sailed, stood by to assist  the ship during the tight river manoeuvres,  but was not needed in the event.

Senior members of Babcocks Appledore shipyard were aboard the ship for the duration of the trials, and will be very pleased at yet another highly successful advanced technolgy new ship.