Tuesday17th March 2015

Bideford Clay ship delayed at Newport. James Joyce to sail later in the month.

mv MARLEY has been delayed in NEWPORT, WALES with rain preventing the discharge of her sensitive cargo.

She is now scheduled to sail on the morning tide tomorrow (Wednesday) from Newport, to arrive during Wednesday afternoon at Bideford Pilot station for berthing on the 1623 hrs tide at BIDEFORD.

She will then load her 2,800 tonnes of ball clay during Thursday and Friday for sailing at 1730 hrs. on Friday for CASTELLON , SPAIN.

le JAMES JOYCE will now sail on the 24th March either pm or perhaps am tide.

On this day the large barge will be arriving to prepare for the loading of the aircraft carrier sections.

Also mv ARCO DART is scheduled to arrive at EVAN'S wharf to discharge her cargo of sand.

An earlier ship arrives at Bideford by Norman Hardaker