Tuesday 24th March 2015

Tug Strathdon & Large barge arrive at Appledore shipyard.

Tug STRATHDON and large barge UR 96 have arrived at APPLEDORE SHIPYARD.

The Japanese built powerful tug STRATHDON arrived off the port last evening, and commenced her approach at 0700 hrs as her Pilot R. Hoad boarded a mile north of the Fairway buoy.

Sea conditions were low swell and moderate sea at this point, and as tugs are difficult to go alongside with their large fendering the tug master made a lee for the operation.

The tug and tow then proceeded in at 5 knots and was met by the Willanne and the Willchallenge (Williams shipping tugs from MIlford Haven). Also the LUNDY PUFFIN brought the barge crew and barge master from HENRY ABRAMS & Co. to meet the Barge near the outer Pulley buoy. The crew were transferred by tender onto the barge, and retreived the emergency tow, and made fast the WILLANNE as a stern tug.

The vessels then continued to the shipyard gutway and WILLANNE towed the stern of the barge into her position in the gut whilst the WILLCHALLENGE pushed as necessary. After the barge was positioned the STRAHDON was let get from her bridle since the tide was now falling some 40 mins after high water. The tug has to proceed back to sea since she cannot dry out at low water, as the smaller tugs can.

The Barge will be manouevred into the covered yard on the next tide and will be loaded then sail on the 3rd of APRIL Next.

Photos to follow.


le JAMES JOYCE has been delayed reportedly due to engine work, until early/mid April.