Thursday 2nd April 2014

Tug Strathdon & Barge sailing. Two stone ships for Yelland. Welsh Piper for Yelland. James Joyce.

Tug STRATHDON left MILFORD at 0430 hrs this morning and arrived in APPLEDORE roads for this evenings 1801 tide, and was Piloted in to the Middle Ridge buoy by TDC Pilot Roger Hoad, while the relief Pilot Paul Gyurgyak was aboard the large barge ready to conduct the vessel, with Malin marines barge master to meet the Strathdon in the deeper water off New Quay, where the large tug would take over the tow. The pilot boat was manned by Thom Flaxman coxswain and Keith Stevens.

However the size of the still existing swell, precluded the safe towing of the barge to sea, and the tow is now likely to be for the pm tide on Saturday, but with crews standing by should the forecast weather not materialise tomorrow.

mv ABERDEEN is expected to load a stone cargo for YELLAND Quay after she has discharged her cargo at GARSTON, but unfortunately there has been a delay at the port and she will not now arrive at GLENSANDA to load before early next week at the earliest.

Also mv KAIE has been fixed to load stone after she has delivered her ex SWANSEA cargo to AYR in SCOTLAND to YELLAND and she could be here for MOnday discharge, or for Tuesday discharge.

Furthermore the WELSH PIPER has booked a Pilot for Tuesday am tide for YELLAND with sea dredged sand.

Le JAMES JOYCE will now not sail until her propellor modifications are completed by the prop makers, I am told that this may not be until the next set of Spring tides.