• Committees and Meetings

    Council Committees, Agenda and Minutes

  • Marine Foams & Algal Deposits

    Incidents of 'foaming' at Westward Ho! beach and along the River Torridge can occasionally be seen.

  • Memorial bench and tree scheme

    One way to remember the life of a friend or loved one after their death is through the arrangement of a long-standing tribute, a reminder that they are not forgotten. A memorial seat or tree has always been a popular choice. You can visit the memorial seats and trees at a loved one's favourite viewpoint, either in a park or some other place where they liked to relax and let time pass by.

  • Mobile homes
    • Caravan and Camping sites

      The Environmental Protection Team is responsible for licensing and inspecting caravan and camping (tent) sites throughout the Torridge area. In addition to Council licensed sites, there are some types of site that operate under approvals from organisations such as The Caravan Club

  • Pest Control

  • Water Quality

    The main duty of this Council with regard to water quality is the routine sampling of Private Water Supplies within our area.