Taxi Vehicle Licences ... more information

Taxis (sometimes referred to as hackney carriages) may ply for hire on any public road, street or thoroughfare and wait on appointed taxi ranks. A licence is required before you can use a vehicle for hire and reward.

For further information on the requirements to hold a Taxi Vehicle Licence, or on how to apply for a licence and the fees involved, please read our guidance notes: "Information for Applicants" (see previous page) or e-mail  licensing@torridge.gov.uk   You can download application forms from the download box on this screen.

The Council also regulates fares for taxis.  The current fares set by the Council can be viewed by clicking on the 'Taxi Fare Table' icon on the right.  Please note that these are maximum fares.  Drivers may charge less than the fare shown or offer a discount if they wish to do so.