Town / Parish Election Results - 1st May, 2003

Full Town / Parish Election Results



Date : 1st May 2003

Parish Candidates Description Votes Cast

Debra Helen Austin Elected
Patricia Joan Hawkins Retired Teacher. Elected
Suzanne Elizabeth Jones Elected
Jennifer Anne Moffatt Retired Accounts Clerk Elected
Ian Murray Elected
Arthur Brian Redmore Retired Bank Official Elected
Christopher William Reed Elected

Allan William Clements Site Manager Elected
Francis George Courtenay Farmer Elected
Peter Richard James Ley Elected

Adrian Blight Elected
James Murray Clarke Elected
Robert Edward Davies Elected
Hilary Mary Dodge Elected
Reginald Arthur Jewell Retired Company Administrator Elected
Pamela Mary Morgan Elected
John Norman Westaway Dairy Farmer Elected

Electorate - 349
Seats - 9
Ballot Papers - 191
% Poll - 54.73
Robert John Cole 150 Elected
David Brian Cooper 60
David Eric Dobson 90 Elected
Christopher Jonathan Hagar 75 Elected
Desmond Dudley Hellyer 74 Elected
Carol Cecilia Ann Hillier 108 Elected
Ioan Myrddin Hughes Works Manager of Engineering Company Retired 90 Elected
Thomas Elias Middleton Farmer 118 Elected
Andrew Leslie Rapley 71
Lindsay Rapley 71
George Reginald Tithecott Retired Motor Technician 117 Elected
Walter John Webber Farmer 102 Elected
Cicely Rosemary Whitton Retired 55

Betty Batt Parish Council 14 Years School Governor Elected
Eric Arthur Burnill Elected
Mary Elizabeth Gliddon Elected
Gillian Hayward Elected
Lawrence Michael Richard Langston Teacher Elected
John Anthony March Independent Elected
Hector William John Newcombe Farmer Elected
Clifford Graham Spratt Elected
Malcolm Timney Elected

Brian Godfrey Badcock Elected
Olive Ann Bennett Elected
Laurence Arthur Gilbert Elected
Thomas Henry John Holmes Community Alliance Independent Elected
Lorna Mary Hutchings Elected
Catherine Jane Williams Elected
Bideford ( Bideford East Ward)

Electorate - 2838
Seats - 5
Ballot Papers - 968
% Poll - 34.11
Christopher John Birchmore Liberal Democrats 332 Elected
Anne Brenton The Labour Party Candidate 222
Stephen Edward Linton Clarke Community Alliance Independent 504 Elected
Lynda Dark The Labour Party Candidate 178
Noel Edwin Deakes Liberal Democrats 332 Elected
William George Isaac Community Alliance Independent 411 Elected
Sarah Cynthia Lovera The Labour Party Candidate 125
David Nicholson Liberal Democrats 241
Andrew Thomas Powell Community Alliance Independent 382 Elected
Claudia Sanders The Labour Party Candidate 131
Bideford ( Bideford North Ward)

Electorate - 4002
Seats - 5
Ballot Papers - 1393
% Poll - 34.81
Hugo Rowlands Barton Liberal Democrats 745 Elected
Peter Stuart Christie Green Party 759 Elected
John David Hadfield Liberal Democrats 579 Elected
Graham Lewis Jones The Conservative Party Candidate 421
Christopher John Leather Independent 621 Elected
Matthew Henry Christopher Osborne Liberal Democrats 514
Marion Audrey Sankey Liberal Democrats 608 Elected
Bideford ( Bideford South Ward)

Electorate - 3677
Seats - 5
Ballot Papers - 1051
% Poll - 28.58
David George Brenton The Labour Party Candidate 407
Sonia Elizabeth Irene Bushby Community Alliance Independent 548 Elected
David John Daniel Liberal Democrats 501 Elected
Walter Joseph Hill-Paul The Labour Party Candidate 194
Anthony Thomas Inch Liberal Democrats 506 Elected
Mervyn William George Lane Liberal Democrats 635 Elected
David Michael Ratcliff Community Alliance Independent 409 Elected
Bideford ( Bideford South (Outer) Ward)

Geoffrey Boundy Independent Elected
Black Torrington

Jennifer Mary Barratt Legal Secretary Elected
Paul Keith Gale Elected
Martin John Gray Elected
Brian Stewart Harrington Retd.Bank Manager Elected
Barbara Betty Lock Housewife Elected
Denis Walter Priest Elected

John Christopher Parlane Granger Elected
Andrew James Oke Elected
William John Pennington Self Employed Farmer - Relief Worker Elected

Patricia Jane Addy Elected
Richard Frederick Boughton Farmer Elected
Margaret Anne Coles Elected
Richard Anthony Feather Elected
Sandra Catherine Hayes Elected
William John Jarvis Elected
Joanna Maria Nancekivell Elected
Daphne Ann Nicholls Elected
Trevor Sillifant Independent Elected
Sheila Elizabeth Ann Wright Elected

Electorate - 500
Seats - 10
Ballot Papers - 198
% Poll - 39.60
Gary John Abbott 153 Elected
Alan Thomas Beat 90 Elected
Gary Bowler 120 Elected
Robin Chidley 104 Elected
Paul Thomas Dymond 131 Elected
Janet May Hallett 103 Elected
Patricia Haydon 86
Kenneth John James Farmer 113 Elected
Mervyn Frederick Lucas Farmer 128 Elected
Jonathan William Martyn 108 Elected
Rachel Margaret Yendell 116 Elected

Michael Hugh Bury Elected
Martin Jan Dabek Elected
Gordon Edward Vincent Holmes Elected
Frances Marion Perkin Elected
Yvonne Prout Elected
Mary Ann Reynolds Elected
Buckland Brewer

Electorate - 581
Seats - 9
Ballot Papers - 265
% Poll - 45.61
Reginald Babb Retired Builder. 182 Elected
Stuart John Faulkner 172 Elected
Andrew Robert Hewitt 138 Elected
Leslie Harold Leach 128
David Brian Lloyd 160 Elected
Trevor Ralph Mills 186 Elected
Catherine Jane Slocombe Teacher 184 Elected
Marjorie Frances Snetzler 129 Elected
Shirley Edna Tilley Housewife 170 Elected
David Courtney Watson 160 Elected
Buckland Filleigh

Electorate - 125
Seats - 5
Ballot Papers - 76
% Poll - 60.80
Margaret Jane Cox 48 Elected
Veronica Ann Martin Local Farmers Wife 67 Elected
John Frederick Mills Retired 26
Alistair John Nethacott Farmer 59 Elected
Nancy Vaughan Thurley Smallholder 56 Elected
Andrew Winton Tod Retired Teacher 54 Elected

Paul Ronald Grafton Elected

Electorate - 315
Seats - 9
Ballot Papers - 170
% Poll - 53.97
John Robert Davey Farmer 82 Elected
Eric Frank Garrard Retired Property Services Manager 87 Elected
David Francis Goulding Semi Retired 98 Elected
Royston Edward Johns Retired 165 Elected
Patricia Carole Owen 52
David Malcolm Rowe Cleaning Contracts Manager 91 Elected
Peter William James Slee Farmer 100 Elected
Adrian Tucker Maintence Manager 86 Elected
Phyllis Mary Vanstone Retired Guesthouse Proprietor Non Political 152 Elected
Christopher Milton West 84 Elected

No Candidates Nominated

Electorate - 653
Seats - 9
Ballot Papers - 317
% Poll - 48.55
Angela Margaret Chivers 186 Elected
Patricia Ann Ferguson Independent 112
Peter Harper Freeman Independent 160 Elected
Cynthia Alison Giles 195 Elected
Elizabeth Margaret Grigg 197 Elected
John Heywood Heal Farmer 165 Elected
Susan Charlotte Heard Jury 184 Elected
James Jason Kendrew The Lucky Man Married To Mary-Ann 178 Elected
John Samual Lock Farmer 185 Elected
John Silltow 176 Elected
East Putford

Ruth Gabrial Clark Elected
William Robert Harris Elected
David George Pomeroy Elected
Roger James Pomeroy Elected

David John Allin Elected
Michael John Baker Elected
Ruth Elizabeth Ham Elected
William Roger Hunkin Farmer Elected
Heathcliffe Guy Pettifer Elected
MacDonald James Poole Farmer Elected
Great Torrington

Richard Dudley Bond Builder Elected
Margaret Brown Independent Elected
Robert Terence Dymond Elected
Leonard Roy Foster Independent Elected
Adrian Stuart Freeland Elected
David Robert Gibbons Independent Elected
Ernest William John Kelly Elected
Robert John Marson Station Commander of Torrington Fire Service Elected
Susan Jane Mills Independent Elected
John Rawlinson Elected
Richard Llewellyn Rumbold Independent Elected
Cathrine Hannah Simmons Green Party Elected
James William Thacker Elected
Bernard Wittram Elected

Electorate - 653
Seats - 7
Ballot Papers - 291
% Poll - 44.56
Peter Charles Brown 142 Elected
Michael Gordon John Cutler Retired 62
Michael Conway Dean 127
Graham David Dent 56
David Dunbar 146 Elected
Robin John Hull 168 Elected
Peter John Isaac 182 Elected
Sylvia Langford 138 Elected
Andrew Frank Richards Highway Maintenance Technician Supervisor. 221 Elected
Barry Francis Richards Construction Site Manager 229 Elected

Keith John Arkless Elected
Vivian Gale Retired Headteacher Elected
Victor Lawrence Goaman Farmer Elected
Antony David Hall Independent Elected
Phillip Lewis Johns Elected
Anne Elizabeth Littlejohns Elected
Robert John Parsons Elected
William Walter Pillman Independent Elected
Frederick John Poole Farmer Parish Councillor Elected
David Edward Prouse Elected
Kevin Michael Surgeon Elected
Lewis John Walter Retired Farmer Elected
High Bickington

Electorate - 567
Seats - 8
Ballot Papers - 273
% Poll - 48.15
David Brown 128 Elected
Stella Margaret Burrows Farmer 164 Elected
Jean Checksfield 136 Elected
Roger James Keen 161 Elected
Michael John Leatham 147 Elected
Stanley Herbert Parker 160 Elected
Maurice Edward Ridd 117
Michael James Riggulsford Journalist 125 Elected
Peter Ford Tucker Farmer 190 Elected

John Allen Independent Elected
Richard Cottle Broad Retired Veterinary Surgeon Elected
Richard Hugh Stenson Brown Local and Independent Elected
Geoffrey Clive Broyd Elected
Barry Megson Elected
Barry Terence Parrish Elected
David Patterson Smith Sub Postmaster Elected
Elizabeth Victoria Squire Elected
Arthur George Stewart Local and Independent Elected
Arthur Wright Elected
Holsworthy Hamlets

Kenith John Carroll Independent Elected
Arleen Mary Ellen Gould R.G.N. S.C.M. (Retired) Elected
Leslie Ann Hobbs Retired Secretary Elected
Alan Samuel Dunhill Marshall Retired Elected
Desmond Henry Shadrick Elected
Christopher Donald Smith Elected
Robert Vanstone Elected
Alastair Douglas Walter Elected

John Robert Barrow Elected
George Richard Cutler Independent Elected
Donald Roy Easterbrook Elected
John William Pollit Elected

Graham Roderick Cornish Elected
Patricia Ann Fishleigh Elected
Glenn Victor Landolfi Elected
Ian Charles Lawrence Elected
Christopher Simon Pedlar Elected

James Allan Elected
Geoffrey Reginald Bond Elected
Patricia Ann Dowson Elected
Anthony James Glover Elected
Raymond George Hancock Elected
William Charles Ley Elected
Dirk Frederik Takken Elected
Little Torrington

John Mervyn Adams Elected
Colin Geoffrey Ballard Elected
David Robert Daniel Elected
Barry Raeburn Terry Elected
Richard John Watkins Elected

Electorate - 308
Seats - 7
Ballot Papers - 226
% Poll - 73.38
Lionel John Badcock Retired Green Keeper 156 Elected
John Gordon Bromhead 171 Elected
Mari Belle Galvin 161 Elected
Franklyn Wesley Heard 145 Elected
Alan John Marshall 138 Elected
Michael John Smith 115 Elected
Wilfred Peter Smith 109
Michael David Stevens 141 Elected

Jonathon Mark Britton Elected
Mervyn Francis Chubb Elected
Charles Howard Farmer Elected
Nicholas John Wonnacott Farmer Elected

Philip Robert Collins Independent Elected
Alec Ronald Down Landlord Elected
Timothy John Radcliffe Horner Elected
John Ernest Kimber Elected
Christopher Nigel Laughton Elected
Brian Richard Nancekivell Elected
Janice Sharpe Elected
Brian Edwin Stacey Gardener Elected
Milton Damerel

Charles Lewis Bellew Elected
David James Robert Dyer Elected
Janet Mary Elliott Partner In Farming Buisiness Elected
David Edward Kirby Elected
Gareth Richard Piper Elected
David Alan Poole Elected

Christine Helen Gilbert Elected
David Edward Grigg Elected
Stephen James Males Will Progress Concerns of Opinion Poll. Elected
Dudley Wilfred Sanders Retired Farmer Elected
David John Sloman Elected
Northam ( Appledore Ward)

Electorate - 2277
Seats - 4
Ballot Papers - 1090
% Poll - 47.87
Jeremy Aidan Bell Community Alliance - Independent 509 Elected
Andrew John Eastman 547 Elected
Leonard Spencer Ford Liberal Democrats 583 Elected
Peter Graham Hames Independent 205
Colin Charles Langbridge Liberal Democrats 238
Irene Rowe The Labour Party Candidate 154
Marian Elizabeth Tucker Retired Primary School Teacher (Instow) 195
Philip Bale Waters Independent 532 Elected
Northam ( Northam Ward)

Electorate - 4269
Seats - 6
Ballot Papers - 1703
% Poll - 39.89
Anthony Michael Preston Barnes Independent 693 Elected
Sheila Bloomfield The Labour Party Candidate 392
Richard David Bradford Independent 805 Elected
Edward John Davies Community Alliance 958 Elected
Alan Eastwood Community Alliance 980 Elected
Paul John Sturges Community Alliance Independent 933 Elected
Jane Helen Elizabeth Whittaker Manager of A Local Voluntary Organistation 548
Timothy James Williams Community Alliance - Independent 660 Elected
Northam ( Orchard Hill Ward)

Miranda Mary Cox The Green Party Elected
Susan Ann Mounce Independent Elected
Northam ( Westward Ho! Ward)

Thomas Edward Alasdair Barclay Independent Elected
Paul Tamplin Elected

Margaret Pamelal Hilda Bolton Designer/p/Time Jeweller + Housewife Elected
Frank Howard Independent Elected
Martin Frank Winston Howard Elected
Miriam Howard Retired Farmer's Wife Elected

Barbara Mary Cole Elected
Derek John Cole Elected
Edwin Walter Merchant Elected
John Sillifant Elected
Eric Michael Stanton Elected
Terence Michael While Elected

Hugh Michael Bone Local Parkham Community Parish Represenative Elected
Philip James Henry Dack Farmer Elected
Stephanie Jane George Elected
Amanda Jane Heywood Elected
Andrew George Honey Elected
Carolyn Margaret James Elected
Harold John Mather Elected
David Arthur George Metherell Retired Farmer Elected
Sarah Powell Elected
Leonard Arthur Rhodes Retired Elected
Peters Marland

Stanley James Balkwill Retired Farmer Elected
Richard George Copp Retired Works Manager Elected
Michael John Lamprey Elected
Edgar John Ley Elected
Janet Little Elected
Patricia Margaret Ward Elected

Electorate - 314
Seats - 7
Ballot Papers - 209
% Poll - 66.56
Simon William Cottle 154 Elected
Alan John Hunkin 145 Elected
Stanley George Johnston Former Local Government Officer. 97 Elected
William Arthur Luxton 145 Elected
Eric John Rennles 58
Gwyn James Thatcher 96 Elected
Paul Alfred Noel Vogel 90 Elected
Philip Wood 97 Elected

Joyce Enith Bottomley Elected
John Axford Burnard Elected
Elwyn George Cleave Farmer Elected
Gillian Mary Johns Elected
David Peter Francis Robinson Musician,Teacher Examiner Elected
Malcolm Ivor James Woodward Elected

Stanley George Berry Elected
Michael Selby Cloake Elected
Edna Beatrice Doswell BSc(Hons) Elected
Martyn Thomas Hookway Farmer Elected
Desmond George Isaac Farmer Elected
Michael Leslie Sealey Elected

Brian Warwick Bowler Elected
Richard James Clark Community Alliance Independent Elected
Joan Curtis Elected
Ian Edwin Handley Retired Engineer/Manager Elected
Edward Samuel Charles Haste Farmer Elected
Sandra Hillier Elected
Neil John Jeffers Elected
Roy Arthur Stanley Johns Farmer Elected
Lester William James Quance Elected

Electorate - 203
Seats - 7
Ballot Papers - 123
% Poll - 60.59
Claire Angela Heard 93 Elected
Susan Mary Jean Hearn 92 Elected
Ivor Russell Holliday Retired Biomedical Scientist 68
Anthony Arthur Maynard Jones 85 Elected
Brian Henry Maynard Jones 78 Elected
Trudy Mary Larkworthy 87 Elected
Brian Fredrick Mayne 88 Elected
Jill Angela Thomas 80 Elected
St Giles In The Wood

Alan Mortimer Chamings Elected
David Ronald Cox Elected
Lorna Herniman Elected
Graham John Hookway Farmer Elected
Nicholas John Hopkins Elected
Colin John House Company Director Elected
Christine Mary Pedlar Elected
Richard Petherbridge Elected
Dennis John Turner Elected
St Giles on The Heath

Electorate - 477
Seats - 10
Ballot Papers - 147
% Poll - 30.82
Sydney Arther William Burren Retired 106 Elected
Robert Crispin Earle Semi Retired Ex Merchant Navy Officer 76 Elected
Sheila Norine Erskine 41
John Leonard Retired 65 Elected
Clifford L'Estrange West 44 Elected
Roselda Madelaine Nicholson 82 Elected
Michael John Stanbury 105 Elected
Barry James Titcomb 63 Elected
Robin Peter Trusler 70 Elected
Robert Stanley Ward 106 Elected
Benjamin Martin Wetherden 88 Elected

Kevin Sherman Brown Elected
Raymond Charles Furse Cawsey Elected
Trevor John Daniel Farmer Elected
Stephen John Horn Elected
John Guy Ley Elected
Robin Douglas Miles Elected
Toni Jayne Sluggett Elected

Harold Ernest George Cox Retired Elected
Michael John Dart Elected
Kevin George Mitchell Elected
Norman Henry Pearce Retired Elected
Terence James Rooke Elected

No Candidates Nominated
Weare Giffard

Ann Elizabeth Beer Elected
Albert Howard Henry Curtis Builder Elected
David Martyn Curtis Elected
Margaret Ann Herman Elected
Kathleen Joyce Hocking Elected
Albert John Colin Nickels Retired Elected
Roger Frank Randall Elected

Electorate - 144
Seats - 5
Ballot Papers - 85
% Poll - 59.03
Colin John Burrow 44 Elected
David Cornish 58 Elected
Jean Helen Mary Goodchild 57 Elected
Michael Ralph Jenner 42
Jane Elizabeth Maskell 57 Elected
Michael Ashley St.John Hollis 45 Elected
Raymond John Wade 33
West Putford

Richard Bernard Atkin Elected
Mavis Charlotte Lewis Housewife Elected
Graham Noel Martin Elected
Joyce Isobel Mildmay Mitford Retired Elected
Gerald Frank Welland Elected

Electorate - 1201
Seats - 11
Ballot Papers - 558
% Poll - 46.46
Marjorie King Bowers Independent 277 Elected
Paul Camilleri Community Alliance Independent 209 Elected
John William Colgrave 268 Elected
John William Elias Cowle Retired Farmer 363 Elected
Philip James De Louvois Independent 182 Elected
Simon Wakefield Hodgson 255 Elected
Richard Holberry Retired 291 Elected
Gleneve Ellen King 295 Elected
Wendy Ann Mondy Complementary Therapist 162
Peter Dominic Stutt 217 Elected
Nicholas Peter Turner Farmer 247 Elected
William Frederick John Turner Farmer 211 Elected
Karen Susan Wainwright 168
Bernard George Wesley 116

Electorate - 862
Seats - 9
Ballot Papers - 289
% Poll - 33.53
Robin Charles Croslegh 141 Elected
Kevin Gordon 113 Elected
Carole Ann Grover 82
Julie Elizabeth Johns 143 Elected
Kevin Johns 168 Elected
Barbara June Reader Retired Business Woman 157 Elected
Stuart David Snape 182 Elected
Jason John Trivett 129 Elected
Roy Turner Part Time Builder/Semi Retired 92 Elected
Brian James Webster Civil Servant 88
Jane Ann Wilson Principle Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator 228 Elected

Philip Gerard Middleton Elected
Amanda Spearing Elected