Tourist Permits

Tourist Permits are a great option if you are on holiday or visiting friends or family in Torridge and cost just £20 for seven consecutive days parking. NOT VALID ON NORTHAM BURROWS.

Tourist Permits are limited to a maximum 14 days (£40) per applicant in any 12 month period.

The permits allow you to park in nearly all Torridge District Council car parks without restriction other than the Manor car park Bideford where the maximum stay permitted is 1 hour only.

Tourist Permits are available from the Council Offices, Tourist Information Centres or via our dedicated Parking Permit site, where you can create and account and be issued a Tourist Permit instantly. Click here for our Permit site.

Please be aware that in order to apply for a Tourist Permit via our web system, you must first apply for the free 'Tourist Entitlement' permit. This is to prevent abuse of the digital system's automation. 

To see a guide of the range of Car Parks across Torridge please visit the 'Where to Park' section.

For further information please contact the Parking Office on 01237 428981.

Terms and Conditions

1 The vehicle registration number (VRM) and start date must be completed before displaying the permit. Please complete the date in add/month/year, e.g. 01 January 10. Any alteration made to the date or VRM will VOID the permit and a PCN may be issued.

2 The replication or the alteration of the permit is NOT permitted. Any permits found to be altered or replicated will be cancelled immediately and no refund of any fees paid will be made.

3 The permit must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle (when a physical permit has been issued).

4 The permit is only valid in car parks operated by Torridge District Council. Please check the individual car parks for specific terms and conditions as stated on the information boards.

5 The Council accepts no liability for the loss or damage to vehicles or the contents thereof.

6 The use of the permit does not preclude you from receiving a Penalty Charge Notice should you fail to comply with these terms and conditions or commit any other offence contrary to the District of Torridge Off Street Parking Places Order 2019. Please see the information board in the car park for further details.

7 In using the permit in your designated vehicle you are agreeing to the Council's terms & conditions contained herein and within the above mentioned Order.

8 The permit is vehicle specific.