Pay and Display Parking

Pay & Display ticket information including car park locations.

Buying a Pay & Display Ticket

1. Enter your vehicle registration in to the Pay & Display machine

2. Select the amount of parking time that you require using the plus and minus buttons on the machine.

3.Insert coin(s) into meter to amount required.

4. The machine will automatically issue a ticket when the correct amount of money has been either put into the machine via coins or when payment by card has been confirmed.

5. Display ticket clearly on dashboard of vehicle.

Remember: Although the parking meters will accept overpayment, they will not give change. Tickets are not transferable between vehicles.

Weekly Parking Tickets

A weekly parking ticket is available from the parking meters in all of the long stay car parks only.

Car Parks and Charges

A list of all the car parks and their charges can be found on the right under related downloads.