Frequently Asked Questions

The law says you must tell us if there is any change to the information we have used to decide your entitlement to Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support.

You must tell us as soon as the change happens, even if you have only just claimed, or you've already told another organisation like Jobcentre Plus, the Pension Service or your landlord.

If you delay telling us, you may not get what you're entitled to. Or you may get too much and would have to pay it back - or even have your benefit stopped. You could even face criminal charges for fraud.

Contact the benefits team on 01237 428700 or email benefits@torridge.gov.uk and we will let you know if we need the changed reported in writing and let you know if there any additional documentation that you need to provide.  If in doubt, tell us anyway.

Click here for more information on what you have to tell us about or why you have to tell us.


 Change in income form [84kb]

 Change of address form [60kb]

 Change in circumstance form [24kb]