Street Lighting

Information and contact information to report faulty street lights

Street Lights on Public Highways

The majority of street lights in Torridge are the responsibility of Devon County Council. They maintain all street lights on adopted roads and footpaths. To report a faulty street light, please contact the County Council directly:

The County Council has no statutory obligation to provide street lighting on highways. It has introduced a policy to switch off or dim lighting in residential areas between the hours of 12.30am and 5.30am. Further information can be found in the County Council's Street Lighting Policy on their website.

Street Lights in Torridge Car Parks and on some Tarka Housing Estates (prefixed "T")

Torridge District Council maintain Street Lighting in Pay & Display Car Parks, on Council owned land, and on behalf of Tarka Housing on some of their housing estates. All TDC street lights are marked with a number prefixed with 'T' on the column. To report a faulty Torridge street light, please contact our Engineer using our Contact Details on the right of this page.

When contacting the County Council or District Council to report a faulty streetlight, it would be useful if you could provide us with the street light reference number, which can be found on the lighting column.

Online Reporting Form for Torridge Council Street Lights

Please only use this form for Torridge Council owned street lights (indicated by a 'T' on the lighting column)
iCM Form
  1. Reporting Torridge Street Lighting
    1. Please only use this form for Torridge Council owned street lights.
    2. Indicated by a 'T' on the lighting column