Cemetery Services

Torridge District Council manage and maintain cemeteries at several locations throughout the district. We also provide advice and information regarding burial regulations (see regulations on right hand side of this page) and fees.

  • Burial and Cemetery Fees

    Our cemetery and burial fees, effective from 1st April 2019.

  • Cemetery Locations

    Torridge District Council manage and maintain cemeteries at several locations throughout the district

  • Exhumations

    Exhumations are generally rare and tend to be traumatic for the family involved. They can take a long time to arrange and are usually expensive. For these reasons, it is always best to consult with all the relatives before proceeding.

  • Graves Maintenance and Access

    Torridge District Council wishes to maintain the high standards of all the graves in our care, and need the help of every owner of grave rights to achieve this. This necessitates some restrictions on the service we provide.

  • Green Burials

    There is an increasing demand for green/woodland or eco-burials which Torridge District Council currently makes no provision for although it is being considered for new cemeteries.

  • Organising a Funeral

    Most Funerals are organised by professional firms of Funeral Directors although some people prefer to organise funerals themselves

  • Burials RegisterSearchable Burials Database

    Searchable Burials Database

    Family History is a popular hobby and Torridge District Council is pleased to provide the first part of a searchable database of the Authorities cemeteries for the local historian.

  • Local Authority Funerals

    In certain limited circumstances, the Council has a responsibility to arrange the funeral of a deceased person.

  • Memorial bench and tree scheme

    One way to remember the life of a friend or loved one after their death is through the arrangement of a long-standing tribute, a reminder that they are not forgotten. A memorial seat or tree has always been a popular choice. You can visit the memorial seats and trees at a loved one's favourite viewpoint, either in a park or some other place where they liked to relax and let time pass by.

  • North Devon Crematorium North Devon Crematorium

    North Devon Crematorium

    Information on North Devon Crematorium.