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£150 Energy Rebate Scheme

Anyone in properties banded A-D and who have historically been paying by direct debit will receive their payment this week. A letter is being sent to Non direct debit payers advising how to apply for the payment or you can complete an online application. Newer direct debit customers that did not get a payment this week will also need to apply via this form.

Discretionary payments for Bands E-H will be around mid-June once further software upgrades have been completed.

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Strategic Plan


The Strategic Plan sets out the vision and ambitions Torridge District Council aspire to achieve over the coming years. Whilst it highlights a date of 2020-2023 much of where we want to be goes far beyond that period and this plan aims to set Torridge on the path to deliver a long term vision.

The Strategic Plan is centred around 4 themes

  • Local Economy
  • Communities, Health and Housing
  • Our Environment Our Future
  • Our Council

Behind each of these themes are actions that we as a Council are setting our sights on achieving.  They are ambitious, challenging and we recognise cannot all be achieved on our own, which means we must work with our partners and develop new partnerships with those who share our vision.

Following a vote at the Full Council meeting on Monday 5th October 2020 Members formally adopted the Councils new Strategic Plan 2020-23. The plan was developed in late 2019 and early 2020 with meetings and input from Councillors and Senior Officers. Members of the public were also invited to participate through a consultation process. The preparation process was designed to allow everyone to have their say on what these priorities should be, and will guide and focus business plans and performance monitoring over the coming years.

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