Community Development

The Community Development Team provide a diverse range of support to local communities, financially and through the provision of information, advice and guidance.

The Community Development Service sits within the Commercial and Leisure Services Department of the Council and is headed by Sean Kearney as Commercial and Leisure Services Manager. The work of the Service includes: supporting local community partnerships, working with the voluntary sector and the provision of community grants, and assisting with the delivery of local community projects, and working in partnership with a number of agencies to deliver services across the District.


  • The Council for Voluntary and Community Groups in the Torridge District (TTVS)

    TTVS is the Council for Voluntary Service for the Torridge District, incorporating the Torridge Volunteer Centre.

  • Country LaneParish Plans

    Parish Plans

    A Parish Plan is a document which sets out a vision of how a community wants to develop, and identifies the action needed to achieve this vision.

  • Advice and Mediation Services

    There are local services available outside the Council to give advice and help resolve issues. It is usually a good idea to try using these mediators to resolve issues before making it "Official" and lodging a complaint with the Council.

  • Community Transfer of Assets

    The Local Government White Paper "Strong and Prosperous Communities" (Oct 2006) signalled opportunities for communities to manage and own local public buildings.

  • Town and Parish Fund

    There's over £50,000 grant funding available to help town and parish councils work more closely for the benefit of their local communities.

  • NHBCommunity Grant Scheme 2018-19

    Community Grant Scheme 2018-19

    The introduction of the New Homes Bonus was a radical shift in the way the Government wished to incentivise growth. Too often, we have seen increased housing resulting in increased strain on local services, local amenities and infrastructure. The New Homes Bonus is intended to effectively address the disincentive within the local government finance system for local areas to welcome growth. We hope that this protocol will ensure the benefits of economic growth are more visible across all areas of the district.

  • Section 106 Grant Funding

    Under S106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended, contributions can be sought from developers towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure, the need for which has arisen as a result of a new development taking place. This funding is commonly known as 'Section 106'.